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In this blog I'm writing about my passion for shoes - especially high heels, pumps, sandals and stilettos. It's kind of a diary for me with sometimes just pics of my everyday life. I'm updating this blog as often as possible and try to post photos of my high heels and stockings to every post. If you have any suggestions for a photoshooting - just tell me ;-).
Hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!

High Heels Shopping at Women's Shopping Day!

5 inch high heels
high heels and stockings
high heels
High Heels Shopping at Women's Shopping Day!

Last week there was a special day for us women :-) the Women's Shopping Day! There were many shops with great percentages and promotions! There was no choice - I had to go shopping ;-). Poor me!! Well to be honest - there were about 8 pairs of heels I wanted to have. But of course a students budget is not enough for 8 pairs of shoes!!! So I had to make some really hard decisions (all women will understand what I mean) - So finally I bought 2 pairs of high heels. Here I’ll show u the first one - 5 inch stiletto high heels. They are closed in front and at the heel and a strap runs through the center. The front part is made of beige glossy leather and the back is made of black glossy leather. To be exact - they are 5.2 inch high heels with a 0.8 inch platform - and as far as I can tell already - they are comfortable to walk!! Together with knee-high fishnet-socks they even look quite sexy.

Sorry for being away a while and not blogging on my high heels blog - but I changed home!

Best High Heeled Greetings, -Viv.

Black 6 inch High Heels and seamed stockings

6 inch black high heels and seamed stockings
6 inch black high heels and seamed stockings

Legs, garter, stockings and high heels
Legs, garter, stockings and high heels

Black stiletto pumps
Black stiletto pumps

seamed stockings and 6 inch high heels
Black 6 inch stiletto pumps

Black 6 inch High Heels and seamed stockings
Seamed stockings, 6inch High Heels and a mini skirt
Black 6 inch High Heels and seamed stockings....
As promised in my last posting - here are some more photos of my classic 6 inch high black stiletto pumps. I couldn't decide which pix to choose so I added all 5 to this blogpost ;).
The last weekend program consisted entirely of girls :-) we - three girls - showed our latest outfits and selected the favorites for the next party night! Everybody was fascinated of my new black high heels - amazing black pumps with an 1 inch high platform and a nearly 6 inch high stiletto heel. A really classic pair of pumps. They are not my most comfortable heels, but they look really very stunning and sexy to every party outfit. If you then wear black stockings with a black seam and a garter belt to them - thats really an eye catching and head turning outfit ;). As every piece of cloth and my shoes are black, I decided to wear a short purple corset over it. I really liked my outfit!! Unfortunately I scratched one of the heels on the first day (you can see it on the pic showing my pumps from the back) :(. That what comes when you wear high heels and instead of watching the street you talk to your friends.....

Best High Heeled Greetings

High Heels at Easter

6 inch black high heels at Easter
6 inch black pumps at Easter...

Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a very restful and happy Easter! I spent the weekend with my family and friends and enjoyed the quiet days ;-) I decided to wear my new black high heels pumps (thanks to a very nice Easter-Bunny ;) ) they fit just perfect to every outfit - more fotos of these shoes will follow very soon. These black high heel pumps have a 1 inch high platform and are about 6 inch high. My High Heels made my weekend perfect - THANK YOU!! Happy Easter and High Heeled Greetings & Kisses, -Viv.

6 inch black peep toe high heels...

highest heels

black high heels

6 inch black high heels

6 inch black buffalo high heels

6 inch black peep toe high heels...

Just wanted to show you some quick pics of my new shoes!!! The newest heels in my stylish shoe board are: Buffalo peep toe high heels 6inch high in black suede with about 1 inch platform, suede-covered heels and a decorative knot!  Just beautiful!!!! I'm just waiting for the warmer summer temperatures and summer nights to wear my new Buffalo high heels without stockings. As these are peep toe heels and I bought some nail polish in the summer colors. The latest Chanel collection with the colors "May" and "June". An eye catcher for my toes! ;-)

More photos with the "new" painted toes and my Buffalo peep toe high heels follow soon!

Best High Heel Greetings,


5.5 inch grey High Heels, black fishnet stockings and pedicured feet

fishnet stockings, toes and orange nails

pedicured feet, stockings and heels

5.5 inch high heels and fishnet stockings

high heels and stockings

5.5 inch grey High Heels, black fishnet stockings and pedicured feet..
Some more pix of my new heels. After a wearing my gray 5.5 inch high heels the whole day I spoilt my feet yesterday in the evening. I had a bath for my feet with scented oils, the nails were cut and finished with a massage with a gentle lotion. I recently bought a nail polish with the color of the summer: orange. The result, I think I can really be proud! ;)
With my freshly painted toenails (of course my finger nails in the same color) and relaxed feet I went out for a drink with my friends later in the evening. Unfortunately, it was something fresh out there and I decided once again to my gray heels with platform and black colored fishnet stockings. I love it a lot to show my legs with these black fishnet stockings -  they really feel sexy and make may legs look even more slim. ;-) And I really think that these heels even fit better to the black stockings than to the nude ones.

By the way - how do you like the new look of my high heels blog? After such a long break I thought I need to start with a fresh new elegant design. I also made the pix bigger ;). Hope you like it?! Any suggestions?

Best high heel greetings

5.5 inch grey High Heels

5.5 inch High Heels

5.5 inch stiletto pumps

Grey High Heels

My new 5.5 inch grey High Heels...
On my last short city trip I wore my new gray 5.5 inch stiletto high heels with 1 inch high platform. The sun was shining, but the temperature was not high enough to walk around without stockings. So I decided to wear nude colored stockings that fit perfectly with the light-gray high heels. I wore my new (very tight) pencil skirt, which has exactly the same colour of my shoes (sorry that u can only see a very little bit of it - more photos will follow soon) - a perfect outfit. Altough I could only make very small steps I managed to walk around some shopping streets. Unfortunatly I didn’t find new heels that day.
Best high heeled greetings
- Viv.