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In this blog I'm writing about my passion for shoes - especially high heels, pumps, sandals and stilettos. It's kind of a diary for me with sometimes just pics of my everyday life. I'm updating this blog as often as possible and try to post photos of my high heels and stockings to every post. If you have any suggestions for a photoshooting - just tell me ;-).
Hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!

Thanks for the warm welcome on my High Heels Blog!!!

ppointed toe high heels
black 5 inch high heels
5 inch metal heel pumps
thanks a lot for the very warm welcome of my friend by all of you high heel fans!!! it looks like you like my friend and her legs ;-). i'll show her all your nice comments on the last posting - and maybe you are lucky and she will show her face. here are some more fotos from this last high heel foto shooting showing my black 5 inch high heels with a metal heel.... good news as well, we did already another shoe-foto-shooting (one with my 5.5 inch high heels and another one with my 5 inch oxford style pumps) - so i can show u some more - very nice - high heels photos soon!!


Adrian LaRoque said...

Why did you removed your face out of the photo?
There is no reason for it I think.
Nice work.

Leonard said...

Hi !

Please, make another photo shooting with your Oxford pumps !! The picture on your stairs, with your Oxfords', mini-skirt and garter belt is still in my mind...

Don't tell your friend, but I definitively prefer YOUR legs - and lovely feet.

See you soon !


hoteye said...

Maybe she could wear some opend toed strappy sandals as well?

Colin said...

The corset definately does it for her, I think she has stunning legs, and looks great. I agree with about the sandals...

heelboy said...

They're cool!

ID said...

It is really beautifull to see her legs with those metal heeled high heels.
I'm very curious about her face!

4udiary said...

I really like urs & ur friend leg.. Ur have a very sexy leg..