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In this blog I'm writing about my passion for shoes - especially high heels, pumps, sandals and stilettos. It's kind of a diary for me with sometimes just pics of my everyday life. I'm updating this blog as often as possible and try to post photos of my high heels and stockings to every post. If you have any suggestions for a photoshooting - just tell me ;-).
Hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!

debut on my high heels blog with 5 inch heels!!

5 inch pointed toe heels
black metal heel high heels
5 inch high heels
debut on my high heels blog with 5 inch heels!!
i'm proud to introduce a very good friend of mine - this time she is wearing high heels and i'm behind the camera. it was a really funny high heels photo shooting - changing roles. she is at least as crazy about high heels as i am ;-).

as you remember the shoes from my last posting - these are my new black 5 inch (12.5cm) high heels with a metal heel. really nice to see how amazing these shoes look on my friends legs. as we have both the same shoe-size - the heels fitted her perfectly. and i think she did a very nice job for the the first time being a high heel shoe model ;-). maybe we'll manage and make some high heels pix with the two of us.


Jim said...

These shoes are incredible, and your friend is doing a great job modelling them. It would be amazing to see pictures of you both trying each others' shoes on!

The steel heels make a real statement. They exude elegance and sexiness, yet look very dangerous at the same time. No messing with you two ladies!!

Colin said...

Those heels do compliment your fiend's legs, they look very sexy. I agree with Jim, those steel heels make a statement!!

hoteye said...

Wow..sehr fesch..da würd ich auch mal gerne hinter der Kamera stehen und meine Fotokünste unter beweis stellen..
LG aus Wien ;-)

P.s.: In Wien gibts jetzt ein neues tolles Schuhgeschäft mit traumhaften Stilettos ;-)

NippleRing said...

A warm welcome to your beautiful friend. She looks amazing. Please encourage her to join us in our appreciation for heels and corsets, especially together.

Leonard said...

Outstanding !

It'd definitively be stunning to see your four legs on the same picture !
Man! She's just a beginner, but she already looks quite at ease!

I can't wait to see your beautiful foot into this pair of stilettos, and your delightful long legs stretched on the photograph !

Hurry ! ;-)


stilettolover91 said...

wow those look amazing on u!! i luv ur blog!! i have one also check it out

jez said...

What superb legs your friend has. A great choice of yours.Hope you are not retiring and putting your feet up !!Can't do without looking at your beautiful legs and Heels

Sofi said...

Wow, gorgeous shoes!!!