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In this blog I'm writing about my passion for shoes - especially high heels, pumps, sandals and stilettos. It's kind of a diary for me with sometimes just pics of my everyday life. I'm updating this blog as often as possible and try to post photos of my high heels and stockings to every post. If you have any suggestions for a photoshooting - just tell me ;-).
Hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!

5 inch Oxford Style Pumps

5 inch High Heels
5 inch Oxford Style Pumps
Nylons and Pumps
Fully Fashioned Stockings and High Heels
my new 5 inch open-front Oxford style Pumps
Thanks to a great fan of this High Heel Blog I can show you this photos of my new 5 inch open-front oxford style High Heels in black gloss leather. I got these shoes as a present - thanks again!! Photos of me wearing these high heeled pumps are now shown in his online shoe shop (my legs get famous now) ;-).
For stockings- and Nylonsfans I put on my fully fashioned stockings - I guess you'll like the photo showing the backside of my legs most ;-).
Thanks for those very nice pumps - enjoy my High Heels Blog, CG.


jez said...

You guessed correctly but all the pictures are stunning.
Fantastic site!!
Fantastic legs!!

double X said...

goddammit those legs get sexier each post!
Warum sind sie nicht eine berufsmodel
der lingerie ?!

NippleRing said...

As usual, great legs. And there is something to be said for high, shiny shoes, mmmmmm.

Richard said...

Amazing legs and fabulous taste in what you wear. And you look stunning from head to toes.

Thanks very much.

Richard. London.

Richard said...


Is there a separate generic email address I can contact you at ?


Richard (as before, 2 Sept)

Anonymous said...

no words... just feelings.

Pheonix said...

Again more great photos of the finest legs around.
Do you ever wear High Heel Boots ?

shaq91 said...

those r hott! u have amazing legs!

AndyCR7 said...

u look cute... :)

still said...

Very sexy legs,
Beautiful woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Just how much more sexy can you get?!! Your legs, black nylons, killer stilettos.... nothing can top that!!!

captain shame said...

you are gorgeous and so are these heels, but quite frankly I think I would get hard if almost anyone wore shoes like that!

ozz said...

My dear, you are the ultimate combination of classy and sexy! I love this look!

Adrian LaRoque said...
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Paul said...

Goddess You truly are divine, one way to heaven!