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In this blog I'm writing about my passion for shoes - especially high heels, pumps, sandals and stilettos. It's kind of a diary for me with sometimes just pics of my everyday life. I'm updating this blog as often as possible and try to post photos of my high heels and stockings to every post. If you have any suggestions for a photoshooting - just tell me ;-).
Hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!

High Heels and nylons ... a bit like the Fifties.

black high heels and nylons
4,5 inch highheels and nylons
black highheels
High Heels and nylons!
Hope all of my high-heels blog readers had a very nice christmas eve. I made myself a few presents and bought some new stockings with the money you donated - thanks a lot!

The ones you see on the high-heels photos above are black nylons with a black seam. Looks a bit like in the fifties ;-). The highheels are my pointed black italian stilettos with a 4,5 inch heel. These are just the first photos of my new stockings and nylons. I'll make and post some more high heels pics with my new clothes soon...

Wish you a Happy New Year - with hopefully a lot of new High Heels..

5 inch high heel sandals - special!

high heels sandals
bare feet in high heel sandals
5 inch high heels

This is 5inch high heel sandals special!! Because it's getting winter - no way of wearing high heel sandals bare feet outside - I thought I'll post a few photos. There are some close-ups for those of you who would like to see my bare feet toes in strappy sandals. Hope you enjoy the last outside photos of high heels for this year. I should have taken more photos in summer ;-).
Maybe I'll find some nice high heel boots to take some winter photos with....

golden 5 inch stilettos and fishnet stockings...

Another few photos with me wearing 5 inch stilettos and stockings - especially for you ;-).
I got so many emails after the last post with the stockings-photos that I should post photos with high heels and stockings more often. So, here are some special stilettos with fishnet stockings photos especialy for you.
I wear my 5 inch golden stilettos with fishnet stockings (I guess these are your favourite ones) together with my very short denim mini dress and a corset. These photos were taken enjoying the last sunbeams in autumn.
Hope you like the new high heels photos.

Happy Halloween - yours, Corsetgirl.

Black high heels – black stockings

black high stilettos and black stockings
Black high heels and black stockings
I haven’t posted photos of me wearing high heels and stockings for a long time already. So here is something for all lovers of fully fashioned stockings. you just can see a small detail of the garter belt suspender and the black seam at the back – but you know where you have to look ;-).
Black stockings fit best to black high heels – so I wear my pointed black 4,5 inch stilettos.

Would you like to support me and my passion?
A lot of people wrote me that they would even pay for my photos. But I do not want to make this blog liable to pay the costs because wearing high heels and stockings is my passion and I just want to share my experiences with other enthusiasts. So I came to the decision to give you the opportunity to support me and my hobby with small - or even bigger ;-) donations. I’m happy about every single cent, which brings me closer to buying a new pair of high heels and sexy stockings – which of course you will see on some new high heel pics!!

Make a Donation...

Thanks, yours corsetgirl alias the feminin!!!

Hope you like it.

the highest heels??

5 inch sandals
a great fan of my high heels blog from italy made me think of how high can high heels be for me? - well, thats a really good question and i realy would like to know what is the maximum height of high heels my feet will be able to manage.
i put on my highest heels - 5 inch - and tried to stretch my leg and feet completly. if you look at the photo were i'm standing, you can see that the heel is above the ground and that there is also some space between my feet and the sandal.
so - the 5 inch of the sandal and the probably half or 3/4 inch of space together should be the height of the highest heels i can wear (without standing on my toes or bending my knees) with my arch completly streched.
i realy would like to try 5,5 or even 5,75 inch highheels - somewhere there is the maximum i think.
i'll keep you up to date with my "high heels-experiment". ;-)

My newest and now highest heels...

5 inch - my highest heels
These are my brandnew high heeled sandals. I got them from one of my biggest fan from italy (the country famous for high heels) as a present – thanks again by the way!! of course i sent him a lot of photos wearing these shoes ;-). They are light rose sandals with very thin 5 inch heels. I’m really happy about them, because it is really difficult to find such amazing high heeled shoes in austria! they are nearly a quater inch higher than my golden high heels - so these ones are now the highest heels i own!!!! they got a special place in my shoe shelf ;-).
hope you like these sandals as much as i do. the only disadvantage of sandals is, that you can't wear stockings or a panty with them - so it has to be really warm outside. i'll post some more pics wearing these shoes - but first have to change my nails from french into something else - probaly dark blue or something like that would fit to these shoes.

my first high heeled peep toe shoes!

detail black peep toe high heels
the first pics of me with high heeled peep toe shoes!

my first peep toe shoes!!! the first time wearing my newest pair of high heels. when peep toe shoes got popular i just didn't like peep toes - i thought that they look a little bit old fashioned. but now after looking at them for month i finally bought a pair of high heeled peep toes. and i have to say that i really like them now. especially with a short white skirt & coat the legs with the black high heels look amazing - and i even like my toes ;-). well, maybe i should just call them heels and not high heels as they are a little lower (only 9cm or nearly 4 inch) than my other high heels ;-).

to all high heel lovers and blog readers, - thanks for beeing so patient!!! - i had two very busy month at university. but now i have holidays and a lot of time for new photshootings for my high heels and corset blogs!!

my highest heels on the road...

my highest heels in town...
after the very nice reactions from high-heels lovers to the last posting - i just took a few other pix of me wearing high heels in town. this time i wear my highest heels (at the moment) - my favourite golden 5 inch high stilleto heels. maybe i'll buy some higher once, but at the moment 5 inch are my highest once. and as i'm not a big fan of platform-heels the highest heels i can wear are about 6 inch. but, with these high heels i'm already 6 feet tall... - it's really easy for a women to grow ;-).

4,5 inch white stilettos in town

4,5 inch white stilettos in town...
i just saw that i haven't posted pics of me for a long time - always just my legs and high heeled shoes. so here are now some pics showing me, my legs and my heels. just that you don't forget how i look ;-).
these photos show how i walked to town yesterday - wearing my white 4,5 inch high stiletto heels, a white mini skirt and a black blouse. of course i don't wear stockings to such short mini skirts ;-) - that would probaly look a little bit too sexy. but i think such nice stilettos and a mini skirt don't needs stockings anymore to look good.

High Heels - keeping my legs in shape...

before going to town last time i dressed up - put on my stockings an high heels - and just saw my stepper. so i thought why not - trying to step wearing my 4,5inch high stilettos. of course it was just for fun for about 5 minutes - but it worked much better than i thought. maybe thats because i'm already so much used to wear high heels. i really just had to try it once to "doing sport" in stilettos ;-).

i just took a photo to show you - because high heels on a stepping machine are a really strange view....

black stilettos and denim mini

for all high-heels-, legs- and miniskirt-lovers, here are detail views of my shoes and legs. i wear black 4,5 inch high stilettos an anklet and you can still see a small part of my denim mini skirt - as you can see it's realy very short ;-) - so these pics show my legs in nearly full length. but, it's impossible to wear stockings under such short skirts - that's the only bad thing about them.

fishnet stockings and 5 inch high heels part II

fishnet stockings and 5 inch high heels
part two of fishnet stockings and high heels! because i got so many mails from high-heel lovers around the world - here is part two with two more pix. looks like the fishnet-stockings with a garter belt and stilettos are your favourite combination. hope you like the second part of these high-heel-pics as much as the first one.

5 inch high heels and fishnet stockings

fischnet stockings and garter-belt

here you get a detailed view of what i wear under my ballgown - my golden 5 inch stiletto heels and fishnet-stockings and a garter-belt. the fishnet-stockings have a very nice lace top and together with the high heels they create never ending long legs. on dancing-balls i prefer to wear stockings with a garter-belt instead of stay-ups. because only a garter belt manage to keep the stockings in place for a whole night where you dance and sweat.
it's the same with high heels - on such events i only wear high heels with an ankle strap.

5 inch stilettos with jeans

5 inch stilettos
it's not easy to find the right jeans for 5 inch high stilettos. but here you see some jeans with exactly the perfect lenght for high heels - they end just half an inch above ground. you actually don't see much of the heels than - you just see amazing long legs! of course i can't wear this jeans without high heels - they would be much to long ;-).

my newest golden 5 inch high heels...

my newest pair of high heels in my high heel collection. a golden pair of 5 inch stiletto high heels - they are one of my highest heels i own. they just make amazing sexy long legs - and look perfectly with mini skirts and jeans. i really love them - i saw these heels, and had to buy them immediatly....

4 inch gray high heels - detail

4 inch gray high heels
a detail - close up - photo of my 4 inch gray heels. as you can see my shoesize is 39 (sometimes 38) - in europe. so, if i'm right thats shoesize 7,5 in the u.s.?! this photo is actually from the same series like the last one - so, again i'm wearing fishnet stockings.

gray heels and fishnet stockings...

gray heels and fishnet stockings

a black and white pic of me wearing my gray 4 inch heels. i also wear fishnet stockings with a lace top and you can see just a little bit of a strap of the suspender (or garter) belt. i actually like both - stay ups and real stockings. i took this pic by myself - so you now have the same view of my legs, stockings and high heels like i have ;-).


4,5 inch black stiletto high heels

this dress with this 4,5 inch (12 cm) high heels i was wearing on an after christmas-clubbing. i actually posted two pics of this shooting in my corsetblog - but i got some mails to post some photos of this shooting in my high-heel blog too. so, here is a picture of not only my legs and my heels.

this black stilettos are not my highest heels, but one of the comfortablest high heels i own. with these high heels i can dance for hours without getting sore feet.