Welcome to my High Heels, Stockings and Nylons Blog

In this blog I'm writing about my passion for shoes - especially high heels, pumps, sandals and stilettos. It's kind of a diary for me with sometimes just pics of my everyday life. I'm updating this blog as often as possible and try to post photos of my high heels and stockings to every post. If you have any suggestions for a photoshooting - just tell me ;-).
Hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!

Merry High Heeled Christmas ....

red High Heels on Christmas
Merry High Heeled Christmas to all High Heels and Stockings Lovers, -fans and -wearers!! Hope you have a wonderfull time with your family and friends - with a lot of Shoes and Stockings presents under the Christmastree ;) ...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

High Heeled Kisses
- Vivian

A new Face and Feet on High Heels Blog...

6 inch Oxford High Heels

High Heels
A very nice hello and welcome to all High Heels and Stockingsfans, here I'am - Vivian - the new face and feet of Higherheel. Maybe you have already recognized the new design, but thats just the beginning - I'll bring a lot of fresh air to this Highheels-Blog ;). It has been quiet a long while and a lot of things happened since the last post on this Shoe-blog. But from now on you'll see the updates coming often ..
For now, just a few new High Heels photos of me as a kind of first introduction of me. On my first photos I wear 6 inch high Oxford Style High Heels from Pleaser Shoes and fishnet stockings. Hope you like the photos - a longer, more detailed introduction with me wearing 4 inch red pumps will follow soon ....

High heeled greetings
- Vivian

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My Valentines Day High Heels and Stockings outfit

 sexy stockings and 6 inch stilettos
Thanks a lot for all the nice Vantines Day greetings!
Some of you asked me if there are some more pix of me wearing High Heels and Stockings on Valentines Day. It looks if you really liked my outfit! ;-)
Of course there are some more pix of me wearing my new 1920's pinestripe corset, my 6 inch black red soled high heels and my black sexy, stylish stockings with a woven seam and bow effect in a contrast color. Stilettos, Stockings and the corset are all presents i got from very nice blogreaders - thanx a lot for that!!!

I hope you like these High Heels and Stockings pix .... more to come soon ;-)

5 inch red high heel stiletto sandals

5 inch stilettos with a clear heel

5 inch stilettos with a clear heel

toes, nails, stockings, heels

Just want to show you my new 5 inch red stiletto sandals i gonna wear on my next ball! On these pix I wear my fishnet stockings attached to the suspenders of my corset with this heels.
I think these new 5 inch high heels make my legs long and sexy! Although these stiletto sandals might look uncomfortable they are very comfortable and it will be no problem to wear them on a ball and dance the whole night!
Normally I don't like high heels with clear heels! But in this case I think clear heels fit good to the red stiletto sandals!

High heeled greetings!

SPECIAL: Shoeplay and dangling with my 6inch Stiletto High Heels

black 6 inch pumps with a red sole
 shoeplay with my 6 inch high heels
 dangling and shoeplay with my 6 inch high heels
 Feet, Stockings, Stilettos
First shoe dangling shots with my 6 inch black high heels
Some of you asked me if I could take pix where I play with my high heels. Of course I can do some shoeplay photos for you ;). Especially for you i have choosen to make my shoeplay pics in my new 6 inch black stilettos! ;-) Just have a look at my properly pedicured feet with french nails in my fully fashioned black stockings with a seam. As these are my first shoeplay pix on my high heels blog - your feedback and suggestions are most welcome! If you wanna see more pix in high res of my shoe play just follow the link.

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High heeled greetings

6 inch black high heels and black ff stockings

 6 inch high stilettos and stockings
 6 inch highstilettos
Having fun with my new 6 inch black high heels
Thanks a lot for all the nice comments and email for my new 6 inch black high heels. It looks like if my stilettos are the new favourites of my high heels fans. So I decided to show you more pix of me wearing these high heels. I tried out to combine them with a classical outfit. Of course one of my corsets cant be missing ;-) I have choosen my golden underbust corset. I also wear my black fully fashioned stockings with a black seam.
These are my highest heels at the moment. Its not as difficult to walk in them as I thought at the first moment. But still it took me quite a while to feel comfortable in these 6 inch high heels. The difference to my other high heels is just 1 inch. 1 inch doesn't sound much but needs a lot of practice to be able to walk with them in a sexy way.
If you wanne see more pix in high res of me wearing my 6 inch black high heels just follow the link!

Very high heeled greetings!